Monday, July 21, 2014

Walk The Line

This weeks Street Style was inspired by B&B (Brooklyn & Beyoncé).  

* My Look *
Fitted cargo inspired army green skirt owned for over 12 years and purchased at a trunk show for then independent designer, Derek Green

 Beyoncé Back To Business white crop top 

GUESS Metallic Pumps on sale at DSW

Beautiful vintage genuine leather clutch 
(inherited from my mother) 

* Accessories *
AJ Morgan Sunnies | Michael Kors Gold Men Watch

*Photography by Topher Barnett

Friday, July 18, 2014

Puppy Love + The Weekend

Although i've already posted a pic on instagram, i could not let the weekend come without sharing these little cuties with you once more.  They are tiny tiny baby Chiwawas a mere 17 days old.  I am pretty sure they were too young to be outside but oh how i wanted to drop them both in my purse and run off.  So adorable. 

This weekend i will be working through editing a great outfit post for this Monday (tons of pics) as part of my biweekly 'street style' edition. The process of shooting is arduous work - never realized that until recently. That is why i am extremely proud to share once the results are in my favor. So excited!

Have a great weekend lovers!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tiying The Summer Knot

I love easy-peasy DIY projects as i'm sure you've noticed.  Although these are never elaborate i enjoy trying something new and simple; i always feel accomplished when the results are good.  It's like a huge Vuala! moment for me.  Today's DIY has summer in mind with these cute elastic hair tie which serve a dual purpose: keeping your ponytail in place and when not, serves a cute arm accessory.  I loose hair ties so easily but with cute ones like these its almost impossible to misplace.  

See these easy steps below and have fun trying (or tying) a few on your own.  Believe me when i say the most difficult part will be choosing what patterns or colors to use.

I selected these three pattern for my elastic ties.  I felt they could be worn year-round.

I didn't know my hair was blue!

 Steps I
1. select your pattern
2. measure 8 to 10 inches
3. cut at a slant

Steps II
1. hold at each end
2. bend and connect ends 
3. position your fingers to fold

1. fold a portion of the cut ends over your index finger or however is comfortable for you
2. tie a knot - neatly
3. stretch to secure knot

I hope you enjoyed yet another one of my easy tutorials.  I almost feel silly sharing this but i also think its useful (and money saving) information.  Bye!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Currently Coveting {July}

ZARA | Printed Leather Sandal With Edging 

VANZ | The Beatles Collection

Max & Chloe | Three Strands Triangle Drop Necklace

REBECCA MINKOFF | Safety Pin Earrings

TOPSHOP | V-Neck Tile Crop Top & Midi Skirt

SINCERELY JULES | Pina Colada Tank

NASTY GAL | Champagne Taste Cape Blazer

JOURNELLE | Gossard Phoebe Balconette Bra

JOURNELLE | Phoebe Shorts

RIVER ISLAND | Navy Palm Tree Print Fringed Kimono

We're already halfway through July but i thought it would still be fun to share some of the things i'm currently coveting.  I may try to make this a feature on the blog as well - It's a lot more feasible since it will be a once a month thing.  So how do you like my findings?  I need to get my hands on that Cape Blazer!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Beach Essentials

I've been invited to a pool day this weekend with friends (normally something like this would send me straight into some sort of body dysmorphia panic attack) but instead i got to thinking about what would be my ideal beach/pool day essentials.  I was completely inspired by this River Island abstract print monokini.  Everything else just fell into place once the suit was found and approved.  No i do not own the suit yet but its under serious consideration.  So what do you think? 

Happy Beaching Lovers!