Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The City That Never Bores

I'm never too willing to get out of bed on a Sunday morning however this day i practically sprinted out excited for my first Smorgasburg visit of the year.  If you are not familiar with Smorgasburg, its basically a flea and food market that moves about Brooklyn during the Spring and part of the summer days - see my past visit here.  This place is heaven if your taste buds are looking for an adventure.   I for one usually dive head first towards the lobster roll tent... eventually my undoing... in so many more ways than one...

Of course i had to share some scenic pics of my day with you all.

I feel i like i share so many of these kinds of photos and often wonder if i'm boring you, but how could i, what can possibly be boring about the New York City skyline and Brooklyn?  And so here you have it again, another scenic post of my beautiful city celebrating what finally feels like the official first day of Spring.  Yes, and nothing screams Spring is finally here more than Cherry Blossoms and weekend festivals.  We have bitched and moaned far too long for days like this past weekend and Sunday delivered in a magical way.  Just perfect.  

If you are ever in Brooklyn or just looking for something fun to do with the family, check out Smorgasburg, its perfect for just enjoying and living the moment.  Here some of the scenic pics i promised taken with my trusty iPhone.

Oh yeah, and there were all these eggs everywhere... I just kept bumping into them.  For what i understand they are part of the #bigegghuntnyc.  Yes, that's right, hashtag an all.  Enjoy!
I mean really... such a showoff.

You would never tell that i'm just on four hours of sleep.  Happy Days!


Denise and Otis relaxing and enjoying the rays.

Must rest.

But FirstLet Me Take a Selfie.

Best feeling is being able bare my legs again.  

These eggs!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feeling Beachie

I know i know.  I am getting way ahead of myself here.  After all spring has yet to make a proper appearance but here i am longing for Montauk summers.  Is it almost time? I miss the smell of the sea air so much.  I attribute this to the memory of my Mama, she's been on my mind a lot lately and plus I haven't been to Miami in over a year, once a yearly ritual for me.  I miss the sea, and the sun, and my salty sticky skin. Here's to nostalgia... and throw back thursday inspired post.

Make it a great one lovers!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

For Mom

Dress by Topshop

Today is a bittersweet day for me.  Today is my Mama's birthday.  Today she celebrates a second birthday in heaven.  Today is also my roommates birthday.  It's a reminder that in the midst of sadness there's also the celebration of life.  I often think of the irony of moving in with someone who shares the same birthdate as my mother just months after her passing.  God has jokes. Ha!

Today is bittersweet because its the one day i think i truly allow myself to think of her and to remember all the wonderful moments.  I still can't allow myself to delete her number from my phone.  She still holds the number one spot.  My Mama was the rock of the family.  The glue that held us all together and most importantly the person i owe everything i am today.  

I thought long and hard about sharing this on the blog.  In reality i don't ever share these feelings with anyone. I am a pro at bottling up my feelings and building walls.  If you can only imagine how high up and impenetrable this particular wall is...but i think its good for me to let go.  And to mourn.  And to cry.  And to miss my Mom.

The photo above is of tattoos i got while caring for her as she was ill.  She hated them.  She hated tattoos as most mother's i believe do, but it was a way for me to remember and honor her.  Thank you to my cousin Tania for coming with me to get All You Need Is Love and thank you to my friend Sasha for being with me when i got the heart beat.

Today is a celebration of life.  Today i honor my Mom's memory and the fact that she is now truly living.  

Happy Birthday Mom!



Kate Moss for TOPSHOP

 Kate Moss latest collaboration with Topshop is finally here.

   See full look book here.  The line will be available in-store and online at Topshop, Nordstrom, ShopBAZAAR.com and Net-a-Porter.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blood Sweat and Tea

Throughout the years i have acquired a taste for random thrift shop finds.  Sometimes you just get really lucky.  I recently discovered a jewel-of-a-spot in my neighborhood and went in for a stroll.  I was specific because it can become quite overwhelming.  I wanted a pair of tea cups with matching saucers.  Just a pair.  

Somehow i have managed to accumulate a very fancy tea kettle, a lovely sugar bowl, and creamer but no tea cups. I wanted something super gaudy and girly. Pink flowers everywhere was the goal.  I didn't exactly find that but i came fairly close.  These lovely beauties you see pictured here are what i walked away with for just $4!  I was super happy.  I haven't made a proper tea yet but i've already told the roommate we should start having tea time in the afternoon...for funsies.

I know this is not much of a blog post but i was too excited not to share.  Tea cups make me feel like a little girl all over again. Such innocence associated with it.  So what do you think of my finds?