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When it comes to something i am creating from scratch and that i care about i can be quite anna. Annal to a fault. I began taking the honest steps of relocating my blog from google to wordpress a little over a month ago, and it wasn’t as easy as those youtube videos make them out to be.  At one point i became so anxious i completely skipped steps… which of course later came back to bite me in the ass. DON’T SKIP THE STEPS! They are there for a reason.

So here i am once more.  It still needs a bit of work but its all cosmetics.  Overall i am proud of what i’ve done with it on my own. But most importantly i am happy to be back blogging on Chattering Gem.  I put it too sleep almost two years ago because it all started to feel a bit hypocritical – but in reality i missed it. I missed it terribly.  This blog has become part of my happy place and i thoroughly enjoyed ranbling along to whomever would take the time to visit.

I do hope some of you loyal readers are still around and that you haven’t forgotten me.  If you do welcome back and stay for a while.  I’m happy to be here again. Besos ~ Jah

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