NYC Music Scene: Martha Redbone

8:30 AM

Last night I went to check out the Native Music Rocks showcase at the Hard Rock Café in busy Time Square.  Ugh, Time Square!!!  I was there specifically to see Martha Redbone and to meet up with my friend and fellow Gem, thekatalist.

Before heading over I wasn't too sure what to expect so I did a little homework on Native Music Rocks.   The NMR, I learned, is an initiative designed to celebrate and support contemporary native music and its musicians.  It's a fairly young but great and encouraging platform. You can read some more on them here.  They are currently towards the end of a busy summer tour schedule... Martha Redbone being a part of their line up. 

On Martha: I first caught an earlier performance of Martha about a year ago, but it was in a more intimate setting with simple acoustic backing.  This time around though she had a full on jamming rock band!   To describe her music I would have to say is a fusion between funk, rock and soul... and of course with some Native American elements added.  You hear it and you can't help to just smile and bop your head to the beat.  It was a great and energetic show!  The closing song,  my favorite, was a fun high-energy tune with sprinkled reggae beats and rapping, that it just made me wan shake mi batty!   

I have to say that for having no expectations I was pleasantly surprised.  My only disappointment was that it was a short set.  For now it seems that Martha is also about to wrap up this tour but you can certainly check back for updates by visiting her webpage,

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