Me Wants Riding Boots

10:30 AM

I spent this past Tuesday shadowing Cheap Chicas as she executed another stellar bargain shopping tip  for the Nate Berkus Show (more on that later). As i ran after her and several of the AP's on hand, i noticed there was a consistent uniformed look of skinny jeans/tights, loose tops and riding boots. Riding Boots! Every where i turned there was a perfect pair of riding boots. I don't own a decent pair of riding boots. This needs to be remedied.  

Envious, i immediately embarked on a search for the perfect pair and stumbled on these gorgeous five. I looked for bargains and high-ends and now its just a matter of truly choosing one pair. I have one particular in mind but for the most part i am still undecided. 

  1. Top Shop
  2. ASOS
  3. Victoria's Secret
  4. Target
  5. Michael Kors

So what do you think?

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