There are always these little things in life that you wish you would take the time to do or learn, but for whatever reason you put them to the side. They’re not dire needs and so you figure what’s one more day of not making the attempt. I’ve had more than a few these I’ve wanted to scratch off my list and really why haven’t I? I certainly waste more time on less meaningless nonsense. So with that I decided to finally put these little things down on a simple reminder list. So far, most of what I have listed has lived in my head and I may or may not have expressed some aloud. These are not in any particular order.

  1. Bake a cake from scratch 
  2. Plant a cherry tomato in a pot 
  3. Learn to use a sewing machine without being afraid of stitching myself to the garment
  4. Learn my Grandma’s Lemon Pie recipe and bake it
  5. Learn my Aunt’s Scallop Potato recipe and bake it
  6. Learn to play the guitar  (I’ve been practicing almost daily since this post)
  7. Take a cross country road trip with friends
  8. Sing at an open mic 
  9. * Take professional photography classes (I’m doing quite well on my own so this i’ll consider complete)
  10. Run a marathon (I’m training for a 5k – I’m impressed by my dedication to practice)
  11. See my favorite painting, Flaming June, in person
  12. Fearlessly cut my own bangs
  13. Learn to Ice Skate
  14. Finish decorating my room
  15. * Call my old and faithful friends more often (I have and I continue to do so)
  16. Learn to knit
  17. Learn sign language
  18. Learn to use the Rock Band feature on my mac book (looking for the upgrade – for FREE)
  19. Learn the rules for Spanish accents
  20. Volunteer and become a member of a good cause
  21. See an opera
  22. See the Rockefeller Christmas Spectacular
  23. Take a pottery class

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