Happy Filthy Dirty 30th, Tanya!
My cousin. My sister. My Friend. I love you madly!
Saturday was an amazing day of fun and surprises. This lovely girl above, Tanya was thoroughly surprised by her family friends as we all gathered to celebrate her 30th!
This is something she had been dreading for a while, so much so that she actually wanted no sort of acknowledgement of the day…. and i get it. I too freaked the hell out when i turned 30, but this is the best decade to be in and she is soon to find out.

The Cake: a red velvet and cream cheese with passion fruit flavored piece of art. A Mad Hatter themed design from Manhattan Sweets Boutique Bakery. Amazing and delicious.
The Favors: hand decorated Martini glasses meticulously put together by her darling sister, Amy and friends. Nothing but love here folks, nothing but love.
The Wish: Some of us can only imagine. It’s been a rough year but in all abundantly blessed.
Sisters! Amy, the true champion of it all. Love you Amy!
With yours truly. Now you know i had to make a guest appearance in these photos. Believe me when i say, always the photographer, never the subject.
Finally, to top off the excitement of the weekend, Sunday was also the ING New York City Marathon. CONGRATULATIONS to all the marathon runners! You are so brave, so strong, so amazing and so super to have accomplished such feat. I knew three people running and i cannot tell you how incredibly proud i am of them. You have inspired me to accomplish the same sometime in my lifetime. LOVE.
Happy Monday Lovers!
Make it a great one.

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