They say you are only as young as you feel, well I’ve been in a perpetual state of 28 for close to a decade, but no regrets, admittedly my thirties have and continues to be the very best years of my life.  I have been meaning to write this post for years now.  The things i have learned along the way as a 30-something year old has taught me some great lessons – lessons i now know is high-time i pass along.  

In writing this i wanted to be as accurate and as sincere as possible so i dug deep, i took a step back and looked at all that i have accomplished and evaluated the things that i have yet to achieve; i realized that despite what society may think, i am in a good place.  We as women have evolved a great deal and i am proud to share some of this wisdom with you.

I also did not want this list to just have one voice so i recruited some of my very close 30-something year old girlfriends for their sound advise.  Some of it was on the deep-end, some quite lighthearted, and others downright funny.  I’m pretty impressed with what we came up.

I had a lot of fun compiling this list and i hope you enjoy it and are able to take away something from it.

  1. Age is but a number.  You are only as old as you feel.
  2. Relax.  Fucking relax. 
  3. Know when to quit and it is usually best to do so when you’re ahead.
  4. Don’t regret any decisions you’ve made in the past instead embrace them and learn from them.
  5. Know how to value your time.  It’s okay to say NO from time to time. 
  6. Be an original.  Have a distinct point of view in all of your writing.
  7. Don’t let your subconscious control your thoughts!  Be aware of your thoughts and change them if you don’t like them. 
  8. Decide who and what is important in your life and don’t make any excuses for choosing them.
  9. Be confident.  Accept who you are.  Be who you want to be.  Take what you want because you deserve it.  
  10. Live alone, travel alone, see a movie alone…at least once…feel comfortable in your own skin, with your own sounds, with your own thoughts. 
  11. You no longer have time for fair-weather ‘friends’ so determine the good ones and stick with them.  They are now family.
  12. People will show you who they are. Believe them the first time. 
  13. Invest in good books and any trips (big or small) that get you out of your element.
  14. Don’t freak out if others have accomplished more than you have.  It’s okay.  We all walk to the beat of our own drum.  
  15. Don’t succumb to the pressures of marriage or bearing a child, your time will come, or perhaps not, and that’s okay too.
  16. Never underestimate the wisdom passed down from your abuela or you mom, you will soon see yourself in them. 
  17. Know the importance of rest.  You hardly slept in your 20’s so now it time make up for lost sleep.  Tomorrow is another day.  The bags under your eyes will thank you.
  18. Don’t sleep in your makeup.  EVER.  You look less hung over when you don’t sleep in your make up. 
  19. Moisturize a lot!  Use that very same moisturizer on your hands.  You will thank me later.
  20. Welcome to your sexual prime! 
  21. Go on that date… with that 26 year old.  Why not?
  22. When having sex and you feel like you’re gonna pee… go with it and have the orgasm of life. 
  23. Buy clothes that fit.  Make classic choices when it comes to your wardrobe and make sure it’s flattering. Your 20-something year old body is no longer on your side.  Denial is something serious. 
  24. Don’t let a hemlines or a little sequin intimidate you.  Embrace it and wear it proudly.
  25. Exercise.  Yes I know it’s boring but see #23.  Things really do start to head south after a while.  
  26. Know how to use a power tool and a hammer.  Trust me. 
  27. Learn a new skill and make it your new hobby.   
  28. Embrace what truly makes you happy and make it the mantra by which you live.
  29. That bucket list you created back in your 20’s, well it’s time to revisit it and follow through as best you can.
  30. If you are recently in your thirties this next decade will be the best of your life.  Live it! 

A big thanks to my friends who contribute their wisdom for the sake of this little blog post.   
Denise, Vanessa, Lilliana, Mishelle, Sheila, Susan, Aimee, Veronica, Sasha, Jane and Jade.  I love you all!

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