What an exhausting week that was! Although i didn’t blog as much a lot of things did happened. Here’s a quick rundown of my days starting with Monday’s 4th of July festivities: My 4th was surprising low key – Susan and i caught what we could of the fireworks from the G.W. Bridge and i made a new friend… i think.
I continued my music lessons, did a little side work, a random karaoke night, and somewhere along managed to hurt my right foot. It’s a mystery what went wrong and what’s causing it to swell. oh well. 
Of course there was my Q&A feature in La Cosmopolatina (still utterly flattered), finally ending my week with a Yankees game on Sunday afternoon (thank you Susan) and late night drinks with my lovers, Shelly and Dee. Would you believe this was the first time we’ve been together just the three of us since our trip to Europe last year? Craziness.
And so there you have it. Are you exhausted yet? This new week already promises to be somewhat adventurous so I hope i have some good material to share with you.
Make it a great Monday and a great week!!!

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