I don’t feel much like blogging but it is halloween after all.  Halloween is perhaps New Yorkers most favorite holiday…oh but what a bittersweet day this is for many of us; our beautiful city is in dishevels. 

But if there is one thing i know for sure is that New Yorker are one of the most resilient people ever.  This city is working hard to find its way back towards some sort of normalcy. We are strong and will come out of this stronger than ever. 
I am grateful to God to have come unscathed still with electricity and all the commodities at my disposal.  Many, unfortunately still cannot say the same. 
If you are looking for a way to help please donate here.
Here i leave you with some classic Betty Boop 1933 Halloween Party.  Enjoy.
Happy Halloween Lovers
This from a stroll i took yesterday.  The most damage i encountered in my neighborhood of Riverdale and below in Inwood were fallen trees.  We are truly blessed.

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