I am the self-proclaimed Queen of procrastination when it comes to meeting deadlines. It’s been my “thing” since high school and college and yet somehow i deliver my best work under pressure. I know i’m not alone on this. I guess i strive for the thrill… actually there’s nothing thrilling about it.
Yesterday I found myself in that very same position as i dug my brain for the right words to complete an assignment.  This clearly was not going to happen in my apartment with a gorgeous day taunting me to come out and play. And so i did just that. I packed up my trusty laptop and headed over to Washington Square Park for a little afternoon writing. Here are some images i captured on my walk.

This was just what i needed as i got a lot of the work done. Now for some final editing and i should be good to go. Yay!
HAPPY FRIDAY LOVERS!!! And guess what? The Birthday Festivities Continue TONIGHT! HOORAY!!!!
Window sill flower garder. Wish I could do this. Wish i had a green thumb. 


Entering the park…
Washington Square West 


My very first time EVER spotting an eagle. Look at her! She’s so pretentious. AMAZING!


The fountain was showing off this day and the wind was helping. Lots of water acrobatics and me ducking to avoid water on my laptop. Nice. 


The park in bloom. Everything was so bright and lovely.


I wish i could cut some for my home….
Bees everywhere and i mean, EVERYWHERE. Cute but scary.


Pretty sidewalk white benches… 


Tiny table chalkboard… 


Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, whatever you want to call it because it was my first meal of the day at… 5pm. This is from the local vietnamese restaurant. So good. Can’t remember the name though.

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