From the Castle Courtyard – The city of Szczecin
Kyle, Sheila, Jane and myself spent a little over a week in Berlin Germany last week (as you clearly all knew).  And with all that our agenda called for us to see we knew we also had to squeeze in a quick day trip to Poland.  After all, we had a amongst us a Polish gal.  Miss Sheila herself is of Polish decent and this would have been her first time stepping onto her family’s native land.  Perfection!  And so off we went.

A little history…
Located on the Oder River, the City of Szczecin is a sea-port city found on the north-east border of Poland and Germany.  Further lazy research tells me the city once suffered quite the identity crisis with centuries of being claimed as part of the German region, then falling under Danish rule, later onto Swedish hands, again Germany, and finally, as it stands today, back to Polish hands.  Exhausting isn’t it?  Want to know more, you do the research.
With less than four hours allotted to us to explore i can tell you that this charming sea-port city boast beautiful architecture, a castle, and delicious pierogi.  This was a huge draw for us; to be able to say we went to Poland for the sole purpose of claiming we ate authentic pierogis in its city of birth.  Our little Polish gal was ecstatic and beyond herself and the rest of us just relished in her joy.  It was a perfect day… until we missed our  return train and exhaustion took the best of us – but i’ll spare you the details.    In truth it was quite the perfect day.  I am glad we decided to venture out.  And now for a story in photos.
Two and half hours train ride including a transfer, not so light on the slightly hungover. By the way, peep Kyle and his not so ostentatious shirt.  Ha!
Quaint little tugboats. Sea-Port City of Szczecin
Our overjoyed Polish Gal, Sheila.  Hooray!
The almost mandatory goofy girl shot.  
Ladies, please don’t kill me.  I couldn’t help it. 
No clue.  Looks like it should be a City Hall of some sort.
We believe this is a school
Our boy, Kyle, found a weird Polish fruit ball.  No words. :-/
Pretty Girls Rock
Church & Streets 
My favorite building. Pretty like a cake-topper.
This is where we found our precious pierogi. I could eat this stuff everyday!
A belly-full stroll
Side castle view
Done and out. Back to Berlin we go. 
Thank you for having us, Poland.  You are a lovely gal and wish we could have dedicated more time to you.  But perhaps another time.  I have one more travel dedicated post to share with you all.  It’s a fun one…and also a slightly embarrassing one.  Ugh!  
It’s Monday lovers and back to grind i go.  Tons and tons to do this week.  Make it a great one!

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