Please divert your eyes from the unflattering sweater and instead look at the box i am holding. YES, my family paid attention and gifted me a brand new Kindle Touch!!!! A late but perfect Christmas present. (Happy Dance)

While enthusiastically setting up my brand new and beloved Kindle Touch, conveniently the commercial promoting the even newer Kindle Fire aired. I was now torn. That damn Ad got to me. The Kindle Fire came in color with web-browsing capabilities for shopping online, blogging and of course, fulfilling its purpose as a convenient electronic book reading devise! I now longed for the Fire. What to do? Well, easy – i shamelessly asked the fam if they would be ok with me returning the Touch in exchange for the Fire aaaaand Vuala!
YES, I’m now the proud owner of the brand new Kindle Fire!!!!
I’ve wanted a Kindle for so long. My daily commute as i hustle into the city is easily 45 minutes to an hour. This will certainly make those days more bearable. And although at heart is still enjoy a good hardcover – its pages, the touch, the smell – with the Kindle i know i will be encouraged to read more books. I will continue to purchase my hardcover copies but will reserve these only for the classics – as it should be.

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