What I’m Wearing: ZARA Skirt (no longer in stock), H&M lace crop top, Guess shinny silver pumps
As you can tell from my many recent instagram post, yesterday i was invited to attend COSMOPOLITAN for Latina Fun Fearless Female Awards sponsored by COVERGIRL.  This was my second year in attendance (see last year here) and once again i left the Hearst building feeling inspired and with a need to conquer and simply do better for myself and my community.  Many local inspiring leaders and game-changers at yesterdays event and each one deserving of their awards.

 I unknowingly sat next to Melina Garcia not realizing she was one of the nominees.  Thank God i remembered my manners.  Melina was awarded the “Honorary COVERGIRL” tittle at last nights event for founding New Jersey’s Union City Music Project.  Be sure to pick up the latest copy of Cosmopolitan and read up on her achievement and those of her fellow nominees.

Of course the evening would not be complete without those famous names we adore and look up too.  There was the beautiful and talented Becky G who is simply the sweetest thing.  She was more than willing to play along and take photos without hesitation. Mexican singer/actress Thalia was also honored and gave a wonderful speech.  I remember watching her novelas as a kid with my grandma.  Good memories.  Mr. Perez Hilton was a wonderful and pleasant surprise.  I had a love/hate relationship with him but he’s fully aware of his audience.  He’s come a long long way since he first started blogging and i love where he is now and is clearly still headed.  Good job Perez.  Finally, the COVERGIRL herself Demi Lovato was on hand to receive her award and give a quite the sweetest and nervous speech.

It was a fantastic evening as always.  I am extremely honored to have been in the same room as these amazing game-changers.  I’m off to to do some good.  And now some pics.

Beauty Bar.
Loving these new COVERGIL colors.  Perfect for summer!
I think i was going for sultry.  I tried guys, i tried.
With Becky G.  Such a nice girl.
I seriously never saw this day coming.  Perez Hilton, the king of all things gossip.  I almost bowed down at him. Ha! 
Becky G again with a fellow blogger
Girls just want to have fun… in a photo booth.  Here with fellow blogger Aminta Iriarte from Clothes & Fashion and Becky G.
The placement
The setting
The view from the HEARST tower.  Breathtaking.
Being silly with Aminta.
 Radio Personality Carolina Bermudez
 Becky G singing an acoustic version of her latest single ‘Shower’
Mexican Singer/Actress Thalia up accepting her award.
The perfect ending with a nervous Demi Lovato as she accepts her award and gives a very sweet speech.
Inspiration is everywhere.  You simply have to stop, look, and listen.
Congratulations to all the winners!

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