A short post….
This weekend was all about the beautiful weather, a little pampering, friends and family time. The photo above is of me and my cousin Tanya acting a little silly right before heading out for dinner. We were joined by my other cousin Amy, and two other lovely ladies whom I had not seen since we were all kids. Insanity.

Dinner was at Sazon, a restaurant specializing in Puerto Rican cuisine located in Tribeca. The location, decor, food and cocktails were excellent; unfortunately I cannot say the same for the ambiance. The music was disturbingly loud and the constant explosion of ‘Happy Birthday’ by the staff was too much and simply annoying. Good company is simply all that kept us there.
Despite the discomforts we left with satisfied stomachs… and a slight ear loss.  I am willing to give this place another chance but definitely not on Saturday night. Here are some more pics courtesy of my BB.
Excellent food
A little wall art word of wisdom….

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