The Tree at Rockefeller 
5th avenue during Christmas time makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I had some time to kill before meeting my friend for a toy drive this past Monday and took what is now my personal traditional Christmas stroll up 5th avenue. I am always in awe of the care each of these grand storefronts puts into showcasing their holiday decor. Click here for my previous 5th avenue holiday inspired post. There’s even a little serenade in there for you.

I always start my stroll at Rockefeller center for the tree, clearly. There’s just something about standing and staring up at this magnificent tree.  The amount of people that come to see it annually… you know its something special even magical.
Here are some photos i took of my stroll. The windows at Bergdorf Goodman were by far the best and the one to see! Each window display told a story.  As a new yorker or a tourist, a walk up 5th avenue during Christmas time is something we should all enjoy. These are the little things we sometimes take for granted…and you shouldn’t.
Tis the season

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