I can’t quite describe my recent mood of the last few days. It’s like an emotional roller-coaster and I often felt like I could cut the air. Its a bit daunting.

As it would be, misery loves company and I was pleased to learn I was not alone with these feelings. In such instances, to clear my head, I can always count on distracting myself with either loud live music or just taking random walks. I chose the latter.

My walk began on 18th Street and Broadway to as far up north as I could manage. I finished at 72nd and Broadway. I took a break at Lincoln Center feeling parched, sore, heat swollen and yet utterly satisfied and accomplished… despite the muggy heat. Of course this being New York I was not short on the photo opportunities this city has to offer. So here is what I encountered on a typical/random NYC Thursday afternoon  walk.  

The above pic: Ever heard of The Limelight the night club? I only know what google has to offer and I never liked the idea of a club in place of what once was a place of worship. Well the old Limelight club is gone and what replaces it is LIMELIGHT MARKETPLACE. I walked in and it was so beautiful inside I literally became giddy. Oh! The pretty shops! Now this is a place I would not mind having to worship in. If you’re in NYC you MUST visit.

As I made my way up through Herald Square, I ran into a full session of outdoors Zumba dance class. HELLO!!! This is a FREE outdoor dance class offered by the NYSC each Thursday at 6pm. It runs through September 30th. I was so proud of these women. They were GETTING DOWN with that funky music! I am Latin and by nature I have rhythm, but if I had to do this in front of random people, the whole coordination thing would be out the window. 

This is what took the cake for me. Making my way through the Garment District I came across the most amazing public art exhibit, the Sidewalk Catwalk! The mannequins are customized to each of the designers signature style and were displayed all along the streets. These were just a some of my favorites. YAY!!!
Design by Isabel Toledo
Design by Jill Stuart
Design by Badgley-Mischka
Design by Rebecca Moses
Design by Kenneth Cole

This was the back of Jason Wu’s design. It was the best part. Lovely!
Time Square. We don’t get along much. I can’t deal with crowds. These people are literally just sitting here staring up at the buildings. REALLY!?!?!?
Skipping 59th St. Columbus Circle, I finally I reached Lincoln Center…
… where the stairs are lit with the centers’ activity …
… and where I finally rested near the fountain because I just couldn’t go anymore.
This was a great walk! I’m so glad I did it – I did not expect to run into such lovely things, but then again this is New York. There’s always something going on ready to distract whatever troubles are occupying your mind.

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