I spent this past weekend celebrating my little brothers’ wedding in the town of Clewiston, Fl – Americas Sweetest Town.  It was three days of the most relaxed and uninhibited fun i’ve had in a very long time.  To be amongst family celebrating a new beginning and gaining a new sister well, i’m tickled pink (that was my souther slang…i think).

It was a very laid-back wedding, the kind you can expect from a small town and i loved every minute of it! Nicaraguan inspired home cooking was served at the reception dinner to the delight of my stomach. You would not imagine my joy to eat home-cooked meals all weekend. Sigh.
After the reception dinner and in between a quick change of clothes, we all moved to my Dad’s back yard to continue the celebration.  There was Bar-B-Q, a homemade keg, more food, a piñata because why not, and just a general good time.  I was happy to be home.
Congratulations to lovely couple!
I love you both.  May your life together be everything you’ve wished for and more.
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Hooker
Por Favors
Beach Theme
A bit of NYC for the locals
*Scenic Shots*
I miss you most
Flower-Crowns for the babies
Because this is how you Bar-B-Q in the South.
My little brother Kevin has a hammock in his backyard! He’s officially my favorite brother. 
Battle wound. A slightly twisted ankle. Signs of a good time had at the wedding celebration.  Oh, and i also stepped on a frog that day.  Don’t ask because i’m still not okay with it. Ugh.
Lake Okeechobee  
 Buddy + Rocky
 Camp WTF. Sign me up!
My handsome baby brother Kevin.  He’s up for grabs for the right price. 
Endless John Deere Trucks  
Peace Clewiston Florida.  Until next year.

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