I’m looking things over twice now. It’s the internalizing thing I suppose.

I’ve been pretty laid-back this week despite being busy. I’m internalizing a lot of things and trying to put them into perspective. Never an easy feat but something that we all must do at some point or the other.

I also haven’t had much urge to blog but I have kept up with my photography. Here’s my Week in Picture – it was very much fun and very much tiring.

Ana’s Rooftop Cabana was at it again with a True Blood/Twilight themed party. It was a bloody great night with tons of wine and a wicked hangover the following day. Ugh! 

My friend Eric called me super earlier on a Saturday (11 am!) to secure a breakfast date. I hated him for it – Saturday is my sleep-in late day! But he made it all worthwhile. Breakfast at Amy Ruth’s for Chicken & Waffle was amazing! Sounds weird I know, but you HAVE to have it. It’s an experience if anything. After that we decided to be spontaneous, rented bikes, and went for a ride alongside the Hudson River Park and Central Park. I wasn’t prepared for this… I was trying to be cute wearing a sundress… but I was a real trooper about it and kept my pace. Thank You, EC! I had a really, really great time! 

A very much needed catch-up dinner with my bestie, Vee was in order. The night also included some Karaoke. FUN! She sings me under the table EVERY TIME! Love her! 
The best time ever was when I met up with cousins in town on business for the weekend. I took them to the Village Underground for that ultimate live music experience. 
Somewhere in between all this I managed a Marc Anthony Concert at MSG. It was also Fashion Night Out and so the streets of New York was like a major runway. 

This is obviously a screen shot interrupted by speaker equipment but to me it looks so damn cool I couldn’t resist. He looks like a 40’s crooner. This man’s vocals are a blessing.

The 9th Anniversary of 9.11 – Enough Said
Now on to Battery Park with the family playing NYC tour guide. I feel like I’ve been doing this way too much this year. But anything for family!

Me and my cus Tania. I have no idea what were talking about but it looks hysterical. I must mention that it was perhaps 2pm and we were already drunk after unlimited frozen drinks during brunch. God, I  NY!
I was little jealous of this dude just sitting there contemplating. My feet were beginning to hurt and we had yet to hit Macy’s (purgatory) and Time Square (hell). My cousins adamant on getting a sketch portrait of themselves from one of the side vendors on time square. That almost did me in. :-/
And so I end my week in picture with my best shadow Karate Kid move. Wax on, Wax off, Daniel son. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed the journey! XO ~ Jah

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