About Chattering Gem

Hello There!
My name is Jahaira Hooker and welcome to my blog!  I started Chattering Gem in September of 2009 and explored several directions before finally settling on what would become its main focus, Lifestyle.  My personal lifestyle.  It has been quite the journey, a true love-hate relationship, but the core lies in these simple contents: travel, food, life, and style.

About Me: I’m a free-spirit and i don’t use that term loosely.  I’m creative to the core but never exceptional at any one thing – a jack of all trades if you will.  I like using lowercase “i” in my sentence structure.  I am Nicaraguan born and world raised.  In my lifetime I’ve lived in my homeland of Nicaraguan followed by the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Miami, and New York. I can be a bit wrestles so who knows where the wind might take me next.  I’m currently living in New York but with an incessant need for chasing the sun, so there may be something there soon.

What i love most however is to travel. There is just an inexplicable feeling i get each time i am surrounded by someplace new; learning its history, its culture and meeting new people. I remember getting my passport in March of 2009 and wasted no time in traveling. Since then i’ve visited Montreal, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Szczecin (Poland), Istanbul (twice in less than 8 months because it was that amazing), and most recently Cancun, Playa del Mar – Mexico.  I’ve also done the obligatory Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, San Juan Puerto Rico, and Freeport Bahamas.  Get it? I love to travel!

Something i hope to explore in the future is journalism.  I had a taste of the good stuff when i was invited to collaborate with a New York Tri-State area magazine named LatinTRENDS.  I had the fortune to interview some amazing individuals including La La Anthony. I will never forget that. But most mind-blowing was knowing that i was published and seeing my actual byline. Boom!

As for the future, i don’t claim to be an expert at anything rather i am learning each day.  I blog blindly but with heart and i stick with the things i know and love and that interest me. I also hope to continue and nourish my lust for travel.  It is something my Mom told me to always take advantage of and i’ve kept my promise.  My heart is filled with wanderlust and i’ve got a bucket list to fulfill.

My heartfelt wish for this blog is for it to continue and evolve and that you, my readers, are able to connect with my personal journeys and experiences. I hope you enjoy taking this ride with me and that what i deliver finds a way to peek your interest… or at least entertains you on some level.