My month long stay in Miami is coming to an end. Caring for my ill grandmother has been a humbling experience. There is certainly nothing like family and friends. In a time of need we all huddled together to do what was best for the matriarch of our family. The phrase ‘all you need is love’ played a huge role. I’m happy to say that my Grams is well today but not quite out of the woods…. only God knows what’s next as he knows best. And so everyday life continues.

A little Me Time during a month of so much stress was very much needed. I went out a few times thanks to my best friend (I love you Guy), and this past weekend I did something I’ve been contemplating for some time now… I got some new ink and I love it! It felt just right.
First a little stroll down Lincoln Road for some people watching and window shopping.
Next, the search to find just the right tattoo shop. My cousin Tania was with me for the night…
Me. Sorry the pic is a little dark.
After a few sketchy looking shops on Washington Ave, Salvation Tattoo Lounge was the selected winner.
My new ink. ‘All you need is love…” I got across my right ribcage. I love it so much. It just feels right. 
Now quite happy with my new ink, it was time for a yummy late night Italian dinner on Espanola Way.
All in all it was a good night.

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