By around our seventh day of travel we flew into Amsterdam.  While there we stayed with some family members of Denise which was ideal. We were now legitimately exhausted and there’s just something about a home-like feel to help and put us back on track. That first day we practically forced ourselves to leave the house and explore the city. We knew that despite our exhausted bodies we only had a few days to enjoy what we could.

Amsterdam was unlike anywhere i had ever been. It was the firs time i actually felt like i was in Europe.  Its a real bikers city with endless canals, house boats, beautiful homes and a kind of freedom most would be envois off (ie. the Bulldog Coffee Shop). Paris and London were fantastic and dreamy but coming from New York they could easily become another city; amsterdam offered a different and noticeable culture with its language and food.
That first day we walk around the canals, ate fresh poffertjes and stroopwafel from street-side stands, and explored the red light district. That was something else. 

Our second day we continued on exploring the city, it was Mishelle’s birthday so we kept it low key. Ate more street food (cheese fries), took a boat tour around the canal, visited the Bull Dog Coffee Shop and tried a space cake.  I was convinced i was fine… until maybe one hour later while walking around the Van Gogh museum. Yikes!
Our final day we drove out into the country. Its the best way i could describe it. More canal but we were now leaving the bustling of the city.  We found a quaint little town where we ate, stocked up on souvenirs, took pretty weird professionally shot photos dressed in original Dutch costumes (photos that will never see the light of day) and basically just enjoyed a relaxing day as best we could.
It was the final leg and the final day of our travel and it couldn’t have ended any better. I love that we chose these three city to explore on our adventure.  What a way to experience Europe for the first time.
Until my next travel adventure lovers. 

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