Tomorrow, Tuesday JUNE 5th i’ll be staging another night of indi music at the world famous Village Underground. This round features: Caleb Hawley // Banooba // Active Bird Community.
Pretty damn good lineup if i do say so myself.

If you recall the first showcase took place last month and it was a real success. I was super thrilled with the results. The concept is a good one for the venue, finding new talents and hearing new sounds; something different to the redundancy it currently offers. To a lot of these musicians just being on the same stage that John Mayer and Prince has been on is reward enough. Here’s to another successful show tomorrow and please drop in if you can – support your independent artist.
Now on to last week: an exhilarating blur of birthday happiness is what it was one of the highlights beign a road trip to Pittsburgh to see the Red Hot Chily Peppers! Of course there’s an entire blog dedicated to this day in the works but you will just have to wait for it. There was a lot of cheering, eating and celebrating and this is due to continue this week. I am surrounded by Geminis and we celebrate hard.
Happy Birthday to six of my favorite people!!!
Sasha Allen
Mishelle Farer
Amanda Brown
Scarlett Taylor
Wilson Guzman
Angelina Jolie

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