I went to my first ever Atlantic Antic Street Festival in Brooklyn. It was celebrated with the standard food, music, art, culture, great finds and fun! An entire 10 blocks of it… although my feet says otherwise. I ran into a few friends, strolled a block or two with each and later continuing on our separate ways. It was perfect really.
I took some photos (of course) and wanted to try something new with the finish. These have somewhat of a dreamy glow to them. So far I like them… hope you do too.
10 blocks of forever…

I just gravitate towards the music. It’s inevitable.
Yellow Ballons…
Street lines.
Of course they didn’t have ‘J’. Sigh.
So much swagger.
I contemplated getting one… but nah.
Street Meat. Seriously, its like a sin. (That’s me)
Gramps was getting down with the reggae.
IDRIS DESIGNS. He made these guitars out of scrap materials. Denim, leather, your old Louis Vuitton if you’re not careful. Its wicked!
He says its a conversation piece. I’ll say…

Pretty Lady Gisell is Glowing 
Pretty as a button is my favorite Dee and her new hat/scarf. 

Nothing but curls my darling Fabi shows off here. I miss my curls when I see her.

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