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I will honestly say that i, until recently, was one of the few who remained hidden under a rock and completely unaware of what is the Nasty Gal brand and who was behind it.  As a blogger I often look to see what other bloggers like myself are trending, promoting, or informing me off and this book has been somewhat of a subliminal message on my insta timeline.  I had to know what it was all about!   #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso Founder and CEO of NASTY GAL.

Not exactly your summer romance read but a perfect, easy, and honest page-turner if you happen to be someone looking for that little push to get things moving.  80+ pages in and I find myself literally unable to put the book down.  But how can a book about fashion be exciting?  Well, its not just about fashion but also about perseverance, not rushing into things because of society’s expectations, but about finding your own niche at your own pace and going full force ahead with it.  It’s about learning the ropes blindly, working hard for what you believe in and eventually being able to look back at your success.  I’m hooked on this book and i am in full of admiration for Sophia’s work ethic. Pure ace.
Beach Day
I realized that before I knew it summer will be long gone and I had yet to hit the beach.  Montauk unfortunately is not an option this year so why not take advantage of my local beach, which is what Kinsey and I did. We were both off from work and the day was perfect!  So before we found an excuse not to leave the house we quickly packed a beach bag and left.  One hour and three train transfer later we found ourselves on Rockaway Beach with other humpday beach-goers and enjoying a great summer day. 
I had to quickly test the water.  Yes, it was shockingly cold to the touch but once inside its a different story.
 My favorite beach blanket. 
You cannot got to Rockaway Beach without making a stop at Rockaway Taco. It’s a staple and their fish taco is everything!  It just a matter completing the experience.
Here’s to seizing the moment and living it up.  

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