What is a loofah?
Luffa plants are native to India and are sensitive to cold weather. Consequently, in this country, luffa is most often grown in Florida gardens.  In some countries, the luffa is eaten as a vegetable. Though this is rare in the United States, you can sometimes find edible luffa in the Asian foods section of your local market. Powdered luffa is used in Chinese herbal medicine. However, the loofah sponge is prized for its use in skin care.

Loofahs were once a well-kept secret of the rich and famous. The loofah sponge is excellent for exfoliating your skin. The rough texture of a loofah tightens the pores and leaves the skin feeling tight and refreshed.
Why this post? Well, it was time to change out my old loofah and break in a new one. The first few days are always rough because you are getting used to the new surface. I usually hate those few days – if the loofah is not the right consistency it can be a bit painful. Slightly annoyed at this it made me realize i knew nothing of this natural sponge – other than my mother swore by it, and instilled in me the habit of using it. And so as i carefully showered i made a mental note to visit my friend Google for a little insight.
I came upon this great site with a good Q&A on the first try. It had plenty to say and today i am a little more knowledgeable on the subject.
The loofah, my friends, is what i live by. I was introduced to the loofah from a very early age and have used nothing else since. I am often complimented on how smooth and soft my skin is and i dare say that using this plant as part of my daily beauty regimen, has had a lot to do with it. Hereditary traits help too. It is my best beauty secret weapon and once again i owe it to my Mom and her great wisdom.  I’m sure she’s grinning down at me from heaven as i type this. Thank you, Mom! I love you.
Do you have any secret beauty tips you would like to not make so secret anymore? I would love to hear more.


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