As a lifestyle blogger I find inspiration in everything; my travels, a pretty nail art, a meal with friends, a new band, fashion… every experience is appreciated and worth a simple blog post.  I also find a lot inspiration from my fellow bloggers.  Often they share things that would make me think hey, i can do that as well but with a twist of course.  It’s like a challenge and i love it.

If you visit my page you will see that i have a dedicated section called ‘blogroll’.  These are the blogs i am most loyal too.  They are the first ones i visit when i just need a nice downtime or seeking inspiration – i treat them as my leisurely Sunday read.  This new year i decided to included 5 new bloggers to the lineup.  Although i am not a fashion blogger the majority of these new sites i’m in love with are ‘street style’ inspired fashion bloggers.  I love rummaging through their pages and admiring not only the fashion but the photography.  The photography is impeccable.  

So here are my new favorite bloggers i am currently obsessing over.  Do we agree?  Are there any other blogger sites you think i should check out?  If so let me know.  The more the merrier.

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