Throughout the years i have acquired a taste for random thrift shop finds.  Sometimes you just get really lucky.  I recently discovered a jewel-of-a-spot in my neighborhood and went in for a stroll.  I was specific because it can become quite overwhelming.  I wanted a pair of tea cups with matching saucers.  Just a pair.

Somehow i have managed to accumulate a very fancy tea kettle, a lovely sugar bowl, and creamer but no tea cups. I wanted something super gaudy and girly. Pink flowers everywhere was the goal.  I didn’t exactly find that but i came fairly close.  These lovely beauties you see pictured here are what i walked away with for just $4!  I was super happy.  I haven’t made a proper tea yet but i’ve already told the roommate we should start having tea time in the afternoon…for funsies.
I know this is not much of a blog post but i was too excited not to share.  Tea cups make me feel like a little girl all over again. Such innocence associated with it.  So what do you think of my finds?

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