Trendsetter Awards
Recognizing Excellence & Celebrating Success
What a marvelous feeling of pride to be amongst the guests celebrating the recipients of this years 12th Annual Latino Trendsetter Award.  I eagerly listened from my seat at the Metropolitan Pavilion as each recipient walked up to receive their awards and shared words of encouragement; the story that got them where they are today, their struggles, aspirations for the future and their gratitude.

The ceremony recognized the accomplishments of seventeen distinguished trailblazers of the Hispanic community, two of whom i have had the honor of working with, Daisy D’Expósito-Ulla, Chair & CEO of D’Expósito & Partners and Sonia Sroka-Peña, EVP of Multicultural Marketing at Edelman.  CONGRATULATIONS ladies, well deserved!
And congratulations to all the honorees, i applaud you for living your values and putting them to action, you are an inspiring example for the Hispanic community.  Siempre Palante!
Juan Guillen, LatinTRENDS founder & CEO states “The Latino Trendsetter Award recipients proudly represent 52 million US Hispanics. They have each developed the mindset and characteristics of a leader. They are influential heads of households and play a major role influencing what their children and parents purchase. They maintain high standards in actions and deeds. They are accomplished people on the move. They are Trendsetters who never stop! As acculturated Latinos, they are influencing three generations; theirs, their children and their parents. They are influencing mainstream society while inspiring our youth, who will become tomorrow’s trendsetters.”

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