Two days away from my computer (i needed that) easily meant no blogging… but with good excuse. I WAS CELEBRATING LIFE.  I WAS CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY!!!  
I want to thank everyone that took the time to send me some birthday love. I sure felt like a million bucks. I am blessed and this i know. I am grateful to have so many loving and honest people in my life. THANK YOU!!!
I went on a little road trip on the actual day, May 30th. A little adventure i will cover in a separate post. It was so much fun!  I hadn’t gone on a road trip since my Dad drove me up to New York in his jeep 13 years ago. Four girls, seven hours on the road, lots of rest stop and trucker food. Thank goodness i brought several bars of SOYJOY; it’s the only thing that made us feel healthy after inhaling so much other junk. Thank you, SOYJOY!
Not much to say today other than there’s just not enough hours in the day for all that needs to get done. The celebration continues and the responsibilities mount. Such is my life and i wouldn’t change it for anything. 

Happy Friday and Happy Belated Birthday to ME!

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