It’s not unusual to hear of Clothing Exchange gatherings amongst fashion lovers. It’s a great concept, really. Perfect for the girl who wants to shop without spending money. What I may tire of today may be the link to your perfect outfit tomorrow. The beauty of it all is that you can make it into a great seasonal social event… and again without spending a dime. Simply brilliant.
This past weekend a couple of friends did just that by hosting what we hope will be the first annual Clothing Exchange Brunch. It was a no-fuss afternoon of fun filled with snacks,  bubbly and the perfect girly dessert, cupcakes. The rules were kept simple: bring any items of clothing and accessories still in good and wearable conditions for the exchange, and any items remaining will then be donated to the salvation army. Hosting duties for future gatherings will be shared amongst the ladies accordingly.
For me this was heaven sent. Living in a New York City apartment you can understand that space is a constant issue. So I happily packed a carry-on suitcase filled to the rim with clothes, jewelry, bags, and shoes I no longer cared for and on my way I went.  I also used this as a perfect opportunity to bake some of my cupcakes and try out some new topping ideas I’ve been toying with – one of my simple little pleasures in life.

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