It’s been a damp and rainy week and there is more yet to come. It is never easy to motivate when outside looks and feels so crappy. Plus I think I’m coming down with something. I just left the Florida sun for crying out loud! Bleh.

A couple of weeks back I complained to my FB friends that I found it difficult to concentrate while working from home. Ironically I found it too distracting. There’s always something random occupying my mind. It is never a good situation and almost always resulting with yet another wasted day.  Well, I got some really good feedback and two in particular stood out: Aimee suggested I make myself a schedule for the day, include even the distracting stuff, and stick to it. Gina suggested random work spaces that would allow for a change of environment. For example: Monday & Wednesday at Starbucks and Tuesday & Thursday at a library taking Friday off. Brilliant!!!
So I started to implement this exercise yesterday spending most of the day at my favorite cafe, The Olive Tree, and let me tell you… I accomplished more in 5 hours than I had in months of unemployment.
I am a people person and I’m driven by peoples energy. I need my background to be filled with bustling sounds. And so this will be my work space moving forward…. heart decorated cappuccinos included.

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