I was honored to be amongst the guest of the Cosmo For Latinas Fun Fearless Latinas luncheon Awards of 2013. There were thirteen honorees in total each with an outstanding and inspiring story.  It was a proud moment to sit there and listen to these women and what they have all so bravely achieved.  And the most beautiful part is that they each represented something big and meaningful; it was mix of careers and achievements proving that we as women, as Latina women, can pursue and achieve anything we want. The sky is the limit.

Felicidades a todos los premiados!
As always, thank you very much COVERGIRL for your gracious invitation.
A great highlight and surprise of the day was bumping into my friend Lilliana Vazquez of Cheap Chicas. We keep in touch often but it had been almost a year since we last saw each other. This is one busy Chica.
Have a great weekend lovers! It will be a busy one for me. I have a ton of errands to run before i’m off to Turkey for my much needed vacation. Beyond excited does not begin to explain how i feel.

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