It’s Friday lovers and it sure has felt like a long week. What with hurricane Irene sassing her way up the East coast over the weekend and everyone loosing their wits about them. I have a few choice words for Hurricane Irene but i will keep them to myself.

This week i also hinted of a little project i was involved with (i say this loosely).  It’s not much really but it was sure fun to be a part of such a productions…that’s if i don’t make it to the cutting room floor. I was cast as a extra for two television crime-like shows on one of those major networks.  I’m not allowed to say much for obvious reasons plus, it is unprofessional. But i can’t wait to find out when and if the episodes air. Once this is confirmed i will definitely share.  I’m just hoping it’s not a situation where if you blink, you miss me.
Wednesday was bittersweet. Of course there was the amazing Sara Barreilles concert, but it was also a day of farewells. A dear friend took a brave leap and has decided to move to Los Angeles to start a new.  A new life, a new adventure. I can admire that. Change is good and change is necessary. I’m so very proud of you Anat, you will do great in LaLa Land. I’ll be there in November so we could see the new Twilight together as promised.
Finally it’s Friday. See the photo i attached? That’s Ladurée, the little shop of delicious macaron cakes inside of Versailles.  I took while visiting the Palace of Versailles in Paris last year. I’m sharing this because word is that Ladurée is now finally here in New York, and well, i’ve made this my mission of the day, To find Ladurée.  Wish me luck! 😉
Here we are (Shelly, Dee and Moi) in the Hall of Mirrors. It was my Birthday on this day. Oh wonderful memories.

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