The Christmas holiday is my favorite of them all. The twinkling lights, the tree, the slightly spiked fruit cake, friends and family, and those oh-so-awkward childhood photos. Really, there is nothing like a trip down memory lane with old family photos and the belly-laughs they bring.

I was really excited when boohoo.com contacted me to participate in a recreation of an old family photo using today’s holidays designs. I spent a couple of hours sifting through 12 family albums before deciding on a select few. I originally intended to include the boys (as some photos will show) but at the last minute they opted out and we had to get inventive. Scroll through to see the before and afters.
Boohoo.com was kind enough to provide us with these beauty new sweater you see us modeling here. Thank you boohoo.com for the lovely gift and for helping us create new holiday memories!   happy holidays!
(circa 1989)

celebrating the holidays with boohoo.com sweaters 2014! clockwise: jah (moi), tanya, amy

about the santa bear: our grandfather gave this bear to amy 26 years ago at the age of two. its a little piece of him that she holds dear to her heart. our grandparents were everything to us. this was just our little homage to them. love.
Thank you Boohoo.com for the warm and fuzzy sweaters! You have helped create wonderful new memories and traditions.

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