My success story.
When I first heard about this I thought it was a myth, you know like something along the line of finding a unicorn and/or a mermaid… but it was the real deal, a true life 24 hours cupcake ATM machine!  Yes, that’s correct, a 24 hours cupcake ATM machine located at the original Sprinkles Bakery at Lexington Avenue on the Upper East Side. I had failed at a cronut but damn it i was not going to fail at this!

There was a small crowd by the time we arrived each patiently waiting their turn and watching as the one ahead carefully chooses a cupcake and then proceeded to pose for a photo. Come to think of it, it was quite civilized and un-New York like (i think i just made up a word).  Everyone was so patient and polite it made the experience that much more pleasant.  I know it sure did put a pep in my step and i didn’t really get to enjoy the cupcake.  My roommate reaped the benefits since i’ve been on this crazy cleanse for over a month now (another story for another day).

Once your turn was up you had over a dozen of flavors from which to chose from.  Swiping your credit card confirms your purchase and next you jump up and down in place squealing as you watch an electronic arm selecting your cupcake and placing it on the moving belt.  A few seconds later viola!  A small screen rises revealing your oh so coveted prize… dispensed from a 24 hours cupcake ATM machine.  Life is grand folks, life is grand.

The photos below shows of my experience.  As you will see i could not stop grinning.  It was probably the best the day of my week so far.  Oh and by the way, a cronut is still a goal in life for me…if I ever wake up on time.
Here she is.
Take your time buddy.
Grin Grin Grin
Decisions decisions
I’ll take a cuban coffee flavored cupcake, thank you.
 Watching the robotic arm select my cupcake.


There it is! 
I felt like i won a grand prize. I really did.
We selected the Cuban coffee flavored cupcake since i wasn’t allowed to eat it. The roommie benefited and made sure she got her coffee fix all at the same time.
Oh happy day.
all photos taken with iPhone 5s.

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