Resting with the breathtaking Blue Mosque as my background. I am blessed.
The first couple of days of any cross continental travel can be supremely brutal on the body.  Jet-lag is something serious especially for someone like me who’s existing schedule is already screwed.  My internal clock is all sorts of crazy right now.  But, yet with so much beauty and culture around me it’s quite hard to succumb to exhaustion. I’ve survived on pure adrenalin thus far… and Turkish coffee.

The food is everything they said it would be and this with just two days in. The walking is maddening – good walking shoes are key. Hydration and the occasional stop for rest is recommended. We almost want to do it all in a day but we are pacing ourselves. Needles to say it has been a wonderfully exhausting two first days and looking forward to all that there is yet to come.
As I prepare this blog it is well past my bedtime. And technically speaking, that is, Easter European Time Zone speaking, it is also my birthday (May 30th). Happy Birthday Me! I need to rest now because tomorrow Vee and i plan on going hard! So I will leave you with some highlights of the last two days. Be prepared because it is a lot of photos.
Oh, and on a random note, there seems to be a cat epidemic taking over Istanbul. There’s easily three cats to every man roaming the streets. Say Whut?!?!?
A quick look at our surrounding neighborhood.  So many hills. I was very unprepared. 
On our second day we explored some of the cities most beautiful gems.


I hope you enjoyed these first couple of days we spent in Istanbul.  Warning. There is a lot more photography to follow – but i promise to keep it interesting.  Istanbul is truly beautiful city and i cannot wait to share more images with you.

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