This is my very first attempt at a DIY post so bare with me please.
I first saw a version of this adorable brass hex nut bracelet on fellow blogger’s ‘This is Glamorous‘ page.  I immediately set out to make my very own but with leather lace. I was pretty convinced someone else had already beat me to the idea although i have yet to see one. My attempt was five months in the making – for the life of me i just could not find brass hex nuts… ok, maybe i wasn’t looking hard enough.

On my recent trip to Miami i went straight to the source, my Dad and uncle, both mechanics. If they didn’t have it in their shop then all hope was lost. But alas, Dad came to the rescue. Woo Hoo Daddy!!!!
And so here now is my feeble step-by-step attempt at making this bracelet in photos.
*NOTE: I will be providing my version of the steps in photo however, so that nothing gets lost in translation, i referenced the exact steps as used by This is Glamorous and hereby acknowledge full credit to their blog. Their post was and is 100% what inspired me to attempt my own version.
Having said that, i invite you to visit the lovely blog page of This is Glamorous which is always filled with beautiful things to stimulate your mind. Please click here for full step by step tutorial on how to make your very own Leather Lace Brass Hex Nut Bracelet
Your Materials:
~ Leather lace (3 strands at a yard a piece)
~ 18 small brass hex nuts
This was really fun to make and i will be proudly wearing my bracelets for days to come. I hope i inspired you to make your own and good luck!

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