My refusal to create a pinterest account is not in vain.  If by simply being a distant fan i can find myself easily distracted and spending hours upon hours on this site, imagine what would become of me if i had my own wall to pin on?  I’d likely give up on society.

This here DIY project is one i’ve been bumping into quite often and it wasn’t until i saw the “how too” in full details on one of the bloggers i follow, A Beautiful Mess, that i decided to go ahead and try it out on my own.
This project is so simple it borders on ridiculous.  Just choose your canvas, your sharpie color of choice, a little imagination, and have yourself about 45 minutes of crafty fun.
15 to create your design
30 to bake and embed

Think about what you want permanently written on your ceramic/porcelain mug, practice your penmanship a few times – a note i should have taken myself – and get creative.
Scroll down for full directions.

Sharpie (any color)
Ceramic/porcelain dish
Write a favorite phrase or draw a sweet little stick figured man… whatever you desire onto the surface of the mug.  If you make a mistake a damp rag can quickly take care of the problem.  Once satisfied bake the mug for 30 minutes at 350.  This will embed the ink permanently into the surface of the mug.  At this point the item, once cool and ready for use, can be washed by hand and/or a dishwasher.
Pretty, fun and easy.  I think it would be neat to make a His & Hers version.  Also i think it can be a great personalized gift idea for a friend or coworker.

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