I would first like to apologize for the photo quality. I still have not been able to find my NIKON charger so i am relying on iPhone photos for this post. 
Getting used to a new space is both exciting and challenging; the possibilities can be limited and endless, especially if you find yourself sharing a living space. Things that once fit perfectly in your previous home must now find its place in the new one.

I’m currently beaming over the setup you see in the above pic. This is my ready to wear accessories corner, as i like to call it. Everything i use on a daily basis (including my most used shoes) are in one easy to find and see spot. It’s all about the clever way in which you display it.
A Sunny Line: For my display of sunnies i used one of my barely-used scarf and tied knots every two to three inches throughout. I then hung it across the wall using pushpins. Next i displayed my sunnies using the knots as a divider.
Hanging Tough: I shared this idea in a previous DIY project (see here).  It’s quite easy to make. Just find a frame that fits the standard size of a (preferably woven) place-mat,  glue the edges, and next you have yourself a fun new way to show off you chandelier earrings.
Chain of Fools: I use pretty pushpins to hang all of my long necklaces. A perfect way to avoid tangles.
J marks the spot.

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