This perhaps is the easiest DIY i’ve presented here so far.  I’ve been meaning to repot my little cactus plant Marvin, given to me by my roommate for some time now.  I was actually procrastinating because i needed to find just the right pot.  Whatever that meant because i ended up settling on a 99. yellow one.  Perfect.  To make things a bit more fun i broke out the metallic sharpies and had some fun.

Below are the photo with easy step by step instructions.  I’m really happy i did this.  I finally gave my little cactus Marvin, a proper home and my room looks a lot more livelier because of it.  This is a fun and easy Sunday afternoon project.  It doesn’t require much and will take likely just about 20 minutes of your time.  This is my way of willing Spring just a little closer.
You can embellish just about any ceramic with Sharpie.  In order to make it last longer and resist wash, you should place in over for about 20 mins.  This helps the ink sink in permanently.
Metallic hearts was the way to go.
Find a bag of fresh dirt from your local florist.  Transfer some of the old dirt from the previous bowl and mix together. 
Go ahead and make a little mess.
And here you have it.  New home for a happy little plant.
Cactus is the perfect kind of plant for me, it doesn’t require much attention and much watering.  It’s self-sufficient because lord know i haven’t got a green thumb. 

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