** Springy Decorative Throw Pillow for the Home **
I bought this pretty little fabric last week while visiting my local thrift shop. I had no real intention for it but it looked so dainty and springy i just had to pick it up – and for $2.99 it wasn’t a bad deal. It’s about 2 yards so it gives plenty to play with. And so i toyed around with three ideas on what to do with this fabric and here’s the first of the three (the other’s i hope to post soon enough).

The following is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make a decorative throw pillow for your bed or arm-chair. It took but 20 minutes if not less to achieve this. Of course i had the assistance of my lovely cousin, Amy who rocks using a sewing machine… had it been me behind the wheels, i would have surely been in the hospital by now. I kid you not…I am super accident prone. Anyway, the pics below demonstrates the simple steps and of course the pretty final results.
** Materials you will need **
1. Scissors
2. Safety Needles
3. Measuring tape (if needed)
4. Sewing machine
5. Stuffing Cotton
Step1: Cut the material into a perfect square shape. Reference an existing throw pillow you may already have for length and width…it’s what i did.
Step 2: Double the edges over and pin together to avoid slipping of the material and to help contain the shape. This also helps withe actual sewing process.
Step 3: Sew all corners securely and leaving about a 3 inch opening for stuffing purposes.
Step 4: Begging the stuffing process. This is the best part of it all! I’m sure stuffing cotton can be found at any fabric store but i used mine from an old throw pillow i had and did not care much for. Recycling is cool.
Step 5: Here you can see it’s starting to take shape and of course the end result is in the above intro photo. So pretty. So easy.
So there you have it, a simple easy DIY project that takes little to no time. The best part is that this can also be achieved by hand if you don’t own a sewing machine. The stitches don’t need to be complicated  it just requires a little extra time and patience. I hope you like it and i hope i inspired you to try your own. Now i have to show my abuela cause i’m sure she’ll be super proud of me.
Hooray for cheap pretty fabrics and for cousins who know how to use a sewing machine!!!!

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