I’m doing everything i possible can to will Spring just a little bit closer.  The weather is perhaps the worst subject right now for us New Yorkers.  It’s been SHIT.  No other way to put it.  The little sunshine Mother Nature grants us whenever she’s off her menopausal tantrums, sends us all into such a frenzy we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves.  We walk out practically naked just for a little warmth on our skin and take lots and lots of Instagram pics, in hopes the memories will help us though the remaining days of winter. We’re over it!

In my process of willing Spring closer i have painted my nails with pastel colors, bought fresh bright flowers, and have slowly began to ditch my black attire in exchange for some colors.  Also, with the help of my friend Denise, we’ve revived our annual clothing swap meet. This happens at least twice a year: Spring and Fall and it was time for a clean up.  See the last two here and here.

We managed to spruce things up a bit more this year with the help of Baileys, who gracefully donated several bottles for the ladies and i to enjoy during the swap.  It was the perfect addition to our little afternoon.  We were seven strong which included usual suspects (most did not care to be photographed – gee thanks, guys).  I find that you should stick to the people you know; you’re already familiar with their hygiene so no surprises.  Just saying.  We chatted and caught up, confirmed a date for the next dance party, and already began discussing the next big trip.  Montauk will certainly happen again this year (of course) and perhaps another a trip to West Coast for Denise and I (crossing fingers).
Pardon me i seemed to have digressed from the subject…

Back to the swap: Again, the concept and beauty of a clothing swap is to simply bring a few items you no longer care for, but in good condition, and swap for something ‘new’ to spice up your wardrobe.  Its really a win win situation.  Not only is it fun but its great opportunity to catch up with friends and not to mention a phenomenal way to save money.  Perfect scenario for the frugal stylist woman.
Remember when…
You were a great companion, Baileys.
I scored the Rachel Roy Dress!!!
Hooray for accessories!
mmmm edamame
My Look: Basic yellow T.  Zara skirt.

The overall evening went without a hitch except for the fact that no one wanted to be photographed. It was a rough day of hangover for most so i could understand.  Also, thrilled with our supply of Baileys Original Irish Cream and Vanilla Cinnamon, a few used their bar-tending skills to make us some pretty tasty Sunday brunch cocktails.  Irish Coffee and Expresso with Vodka and Baileys was the clear winner of the evening.  The rest just sipped enjoyed an ice cold glass of Baileys.

Thank you Baileys for the treat.  You made the afternoon that much sweeter.  Cheers!


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