Standing bow pull with Amina on Fire Island. This had to be done.
I feel like i have so much to say in just one tiny post but too much writing can get boring and distracting. I’ll stick mainly to photography with my silly anecdotes below. But first a quick recap of the last four days: in one word… overwhelming. So many emotions: worry, confusion, sadness, relief, exhaustion, elation, adventurous, loved, but most importantly… BLESSED.

The roller coater that is my grandmothers (mom) health is what occupied most of my negative emotions; thankfully we left her back to her witty self. My cousins and i managed a beach stroll before heading back to rainy New York. We walked easily 2 miles before we realized it. We are now proudly flaunting a farmers tan which was perfect for what was to follow.
What would follow is me somehow surviving on a total of 6 hours of sleep in a 48 hour span. This, taken sporadically. A sleepless night in Miami leading to an early Saturday afternoon flight back to New York, straight to the gig upon landing, done at 3:30am Sunday morning to then await the 6:00AM LIRR train for scheduled family time and a pre-planned lunch for my upcoming birthday, Fire Island after lunch for a continued celebration, back to the main island by 8:30pm in order to cut my birthday cake and catch the 9:47pm train back to the city. Did i mention that i still had my luggage? Are you exhausted yet? I slept 11+ hours yesterday and well deserved.

Fire Island was a lot of a fun and a first for many, myself included. So we took it all in with new eyes. I was in awe of the easy breezy living, the various cabana type houses and others so extreme and beautiful it was right out of a movie. No cars allowed on the island – all get around on bikes or good of fashion walking. The beach beckons are every turn and every bar entices with delicious cold drinks. I fell in love and will surely be making my way back more often.

Memorial Day itself went off without a hitch. With no BBQ’s to crash and no real plans in the horizon, my bestie and i decided to just spend the day roaming the city. We walked A LOT, brunched, shopped, dinned, and walked A LOT more. Now i’m sore.
With all that said here finally are the photos. Amina, so glad you decided to come along and join me and my family for my pre-birthday celebration. Fire Island was fun, wasn’t it? We have to do it again.
The first batch of photos are from Florida ending with Fire Island.
My cousins/sisters striking a mean pose. Such posers.
Beach ladies. I love these gals madly. 
My beloved Sea. Miami Beach
Caught trying to be sneaky. too bad its a bit blurry. ok it’s really blurry.
Beloved florida palm trees. This and the sea are perhaps the only things i truly miss about miami.
These are fruits about the size of a quarter. they grow in tropical areas and central america, like Nicaragua. We, Nicaraguans, call them ‘plum’ but they are nothing remotely close to the plum you are thinking. I don’t know it by any other name unfortunately but they are a fun bite size fruit. I prefer them green with a sprinkle of salt.
With the lovely Amina. Said she had no real plans for the holiday break so i dragged her along to Long Island with me. Hope she had a blast 😉
These guys: some new friends, some old friends, and family. What else can you ask for!? 🙂
Fell in love with this random little shack. So quaint. So cute. So almost perfect.
Extremely cold to the touch. Brrrrr NE waters, brrrrr…
And so it ends, my happy weekend. What great way to kick-start birthday week festivities. Elated to the max.
I’m sure you are all feeling relaxed with pretty beach pics, right. 
Today has me busy roaming the city with meetings, research, and finalizing logistics for Pittsburgh on Wednesday (more on that later). Can you believe half the year has gone already. Incredible. 
A huge thanks to my family and friends for making me feel so special. I truly am blessed beyond words. 
note: after rereading my notes, the first paragraph seems a little misleading, no? 

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