Allow me to brag…
What a great night last night! Once again i got to experience my most favorite boy-band from my teenage years, The New Kids on the Block! And as a bonus I also saw and met the members of Boyz II Men.  Never I had imagined I would have experienced that. Amazing.

It’s perhaps my fourth time seeing NKOTB and each time I’ve had the privilege of a full show and meet & greet (thanks to my wonderful friends). My friend Sasha laughs at me because she knows I’ve meet them several times already, but i tell her that to me it’s like the first time all over gain. Long Live the 13 year old in me!
Well, it’s a gorgeous day out.  Perfect for picnics or just laying out and regrouping – if you’ve got that kind of time on your hands. Luckily for me I do. I think i will go out and take advantage.

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