I’m officially on festival overload. I’m done! No mas! This has got to be my last one for the year (I hope).

Yesterday I went to the  2010 Medieval Festival of Fort Tryon Park and by far this was the most historic and educational of all the previous festival; filled with customs, costumes, and the spirit of the Middle Ages. The biggest highlight for me was that it was practically held in my back yard – It was refreshing to have something to do over the weekend that did not require a 55min train ride deep into the City. Another highlight was learning there’s a museum on the park grounds. I go nuts for museums. Am a dork, I know.

I don’t venture much in my nearby neighborhood but attending this festival was a plus. Considering all, I’m thinking that perhaps I was more impressed with the parks layout and history than the festival itself. Yikes! In any case, here are some pics.

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