You all recall my SOYJOY Daycation adventure this past summer right? And the awesome giveaway soon after? Yes, that was a good day (shout out to Kristen!).  Well, it seems we have more adventures to look forward too. The fortunate gal that i am, i was again approached by SOYJOY and chosen as one of five bloggers to be a ‘JOYTESTER’ – a campaign designed to encourage ways to help find real joy in YOUR everyday life. Needles to say i was thrilled and accepted without hesitation. This is such a big deal for my little blog. Uh-Mazing! This year SOYJOY will challenge us all and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got up their sleeve. 

I cannot express how excited i am to work with this bran again; from the very start they have been nothing but exceptional. Plus working alongside such an inspiring group of people is such a treat, AND to be the only Latina Lifestyle Blogger of the group. WEPA!!!
My first challenge (one of three), is scheduled for sometime in March. So stay tuned to see what new SOYJOY adventure i’ll be up too next. You know its gonna be good. In the mean time i invite you to take advantage and enjoy this GIVE & GET SOYJOY coupon. This is a winning situation all around, lovers.
* My JOYTESTERS Blogger Partners in Crime *
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