I love when the holiday cards start to pour in. The actual act of mailing a letter or card has become somewhat of a novelty and its a damn shame. Whenever i receive something addressed and personalized to me (other than those pesky bills) i practically squeal and have a happy happy joy joy dance moment all to myself. I will miss this most from my mother. I knew to expect a card every birthday and Christmas… and a thank you card for every one i sent to her in return. I will forever cherish those.

The beauty about mailing a holiday card (or any card) is that it shows you cared enough to take the time to write a little something special for a friend or loved one. Plus, it is also ideal for those of us whom are still strugling with jobs and whatnot, and so being frugal is all we have to rely on.
I had been searching for the perfect holiday cards for the past week. I am so late; so behind. I found a beautiful box set today over at print icon. It was a little over my budget but got them anyway. To my relief a few hours later that was no longer a worry. Allow me to digress: still reeling over the price point of the card set, a colleague of mine whom had won a few dollars from a scratch off ticket was on her way to redeem her prize. I figured i would try my luck and gave her my last $5 and asked that she bring me back a ticket. Well, her luck rubbed off nicely because i instantly won $100! (see my instagram here.) Ahhh, see? The universe is good. What expensive holiday card box set?
So today i will sit, write, and mail out a few personalized cards. If i didn’t get to you this year, I am sorry. But you are in my thoughts. And i am wishing you the very best of what the holidays and the new year has to offer.

Happy Holidays!

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