Summer of 2016 has been good to me. It has been both quiet and adventurous and has allowed for some serious recharge and self-evaluation. My penchant for travel and adventures was renewed with my trip to Mexico followed by a semi-solo week in South Florida. Also spending my summer months in Long Island hasn’t been bad either.

Summer however is in its final month with just enough time left to indulge in some lite fun outdoorsy activities. Just imagine doing absolutely nothing poolside relaxing on a swan shaped gold float all whilst sipping on fancy cocktails. Ah yes, the important things in life of course. And that there was my attempt at a quick segway into this next blog topic.

I honestly cannot say if its been a ‘thing’ for some time or its actually a new trend, but it seems like Rosé is quite the popular drink of choice for this summer. Its everywhere! Its in my refrigerator right now.

Now i’m no wine connoisseur, i recognize my basic red out of habit and i know the brands i like, however when it comes to Rosé I know nothing (Jon Snow). Its pretty. I pick my Rosé based on the pretty of the pink.  But as a blogger i felt the need to commit and jump on this bandwagon to offer my two cents.  I was inspired by several tasty looking cocktail mix on My Domain and dedicated a weekend on the project. Yes, it took a weekend as i chose to adapt my version of the Strawberry Frosé, the original recipe of which you can get here so i wont repost.

The results was overall successful. Messy, but successful.  The only downside was my lack of fresh strawberries so i am sure it was missing some of its rich flavors. My sister cousins, brave and willing taste-testers, gave it a go and loved it so much they demanded another batch. So there!

No additional photos for this post is needed as you can find all you need over at Bon Appétit including a ‘how to’ video. Now enjoy the result and happy summer!

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