I’m way past due for a Fun Find post. This one took a while – I was feeling a bit lazy about it so I’ll keep it short.
All these little treasured I’ve collected during my last thrift shop scavenger was entirely under $15. Can’t be that. The fun find in the above photo is the large Moulin Rouge poster I got for $8 including the frame.  It compliments the others I have on my wall – which I’ve yet to frame – and sort of gives my room an almost complete look. It was in almost perfect condition. It required nothing more than a good dusting off. Yay!

Next I picked up these awesome star clip-on earrings for only $1.99. WIN! They are so fun and perfect for a costumey outfit. TIP: The trick to keeping your costume jewelry from tarnishing is to separate them from your other jewelry. Another awesome trick that has always worked for me it to paint them with clear nail polish. It will preserves some of your favorite pieces for a very long time.
This is perhaps my favorite find. It’s a really beautiful silver dish shaped like flower petals (in my eyes at least). It just needed a little loving which required some good buffing to bring it back to its original shine. This now serves as my jewelry dish – its where I keep my favorite pieces that I could just quickly grab and run. 🙂
And so there you have it.

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