The Latino List: Volume Two | New York Screening
“Don’t let anyone put limitations to what you can achieve”, a sound advice given to Ralph de la Vega by his grandmother many years ago and today, a final message to his audience as he concludes a red carpet interview.  His story as you will learn from HBO’s The Latino List: Volume Two documentary, is one of many personalized and inspiring stories by todays’ successful Latinos.  It’s one of hard work, overcoming obstacles, persevering and later achieving the ultimate goal, SUCCESS.

This documentary is nothing short of invigorating and thought provoking.  It explores what its like to be a Latino in the United States and the importance of preserving our culture.
I was invited to the New York screening of The Latino List: Volume Two held and the beautiful Museo del Barrio, and as i sat through the screening i found myself laughing, nodding with agreement, and even tearing up a bit.  So compelling and close to home were these stories that i decided then to take a message from each individual, the diversity they represent, and apply their learnings to my own life.  I encourage you to watch this documentary and may your experience as you view it be similar to mine,  a feeling of pure pride.

“There is no person or award or validation that is ever going to make you more worthy than you already are.” ~ America Ferrera

The Latino List: Volume Two air TONIGHT, Monday September 24 on HBO at 9:00PM EST
Red Carpet | Screening of The Latino List: Volume Two
The Latino List Creative Team
L:  Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Director, Producer and Photographer 
R: Tommy Walker, Producer
photography by: Papo Vazquez
L: Ingrid Duran, Executive Producer
R: Catherine Pino, Executive Prodcer
photography by: Papo Vazquez

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